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Jack Moore

Founder and Principal
​Head Athletic Director


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Student Life
  1. Diane Moore
    Diane Moore
    Homeschool Coordinator and Office Administrator
  2. Stephanie Nutter
    Stephanie Nutter
    Pre-K, Kindergarten
  3. Marian Limmina
    Marian Limmina
    Elementary and Middle School, Art and Music Coordinator
  4. Diane Fisher
    Diane Fisher
    1st and 2nd Grade
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Spiritual Life

  1. Dawn Speck
    Dawn Speck
    Elementary and Middle School
  2. John Moore
    John Moore
    Middle School Science and History P.E. Coordinator Boys Basketball Head Coach
  3. Leslie Spinella
    Leslie Spinella
    High School Literature Head of Drama Department
  4. Emily Bryant
    Emily Bryant
    High School Math and Science

  1. Bernadette Speck
    Bernadette Speck
    High School Composition Girls Volleyball and Basketball Head Coach
  2. Joann Dellaversano
    Joann Dellaversano
    Middle School Math
  3. Mary Moore
    Mary Moore
    Middle School Theology Online Learning Coordinator
  4. Michael Spinella
    Michael Spinella
    High School Theology